Dear partners, teammates, and friends,

Today, I write with a mix of emotions as we decided to close Omniscient's chapter. The economic landscapes we navigated proved challenging and despite our perseverance, we've come to this tough decision.

Your unwavering support, whether as a dedicated colleague, a trusted partner, or a believer in our mission, has been the backbone of our journey. Every interaction, piece of guidance, and shared laughter fueled our drive and passion.

While Omniscient's story ends here, our aspirations and dreams remain alive. We move forward, enriched by our experiences, cherished memories, and the pride of having been part of something bigger.

I'm profoundly grateful for the trust and bonds we've built. Our shared adventure may be wrapping up, but the connections we've made are here to stay.

With heartfelt appreciation,


N.B.: To Lucian Mincu, Bogdan Rosianu, MRK, Alex, Gabriel, Poem, Kevin, Miguel, Zai, Moniika, Gaetan, Nifty Well, Lucas, Jacob, TheCyple, Cabo, Arthur Dahl, Guillaume, Cris, OrigiN, Ché, DBCrypto, Bnistor, EsRoberto, Shnaptsi, Tamas, Nece and to all those unmentioned: THANK YOU!

Omniscient boys